Reasons Why I Joined Rotary? Almost 100

Don’t worry I am not going to list almost 100 reasons why I find Rotary rewarding, although I am sure I could.

My first experience with Rotary was almost 100 years ago back in the early 1980’s. I was working as a bus boy at Melrose Country Club in Cheltenham  where the local Rotary Club had a luncheon meeting every Thursday.  At that time, I saw Rotarians as a group of men who must have been almost 100 years old and always needed more bread or salad dressing.  As a teenager I guess anyone over 40 was almost 100 to me and I had no idea all the good that Rotarians do in the local and international communities.

My first experience with the Pottstown Rotary Club came almost 100 years later shortly after I became General Manager at Brookside Country Club in 2003. I came to know them as a group of men and women hosting various fundraising events to help the local and international communities.  Over the next few years I worked with many different Rotary members who came to the club to plan various fundraising events.  I would be invited to attend meetings, special events and also to become a member of the Pottstown Rotary.  Having a demanding career, beautiful wife and three school age children I felt I was too busy to commit to regular attendance of meeting, special events, etc.  There was one Rotary event that I was always able to fit into my schedule. The strike out hunger night at Citizens Bank Park,   I can tell you it is a great time regardless of how bad my favorite team, The Philadelphia Phillies, happens to have been in recent years.

Now back to being too busy for Rotary, what a mistake it was to think that, I finally joined the Pottstown Rotary in 2010 and my only regret is not having joined sooner.  I remember calling a long time friend from back in my Melrose days to tell him I joined Rotary and now must be almost 100 years old myself.  Another mistake- Pottstown Rotary Club members are not almost 100 years old (although I know I look like it.)  In fact in the four years since I joined the club we have welcomed dozens of new members and almost all are younger than me.  While most service clubs are shrinking, Rotary is growing strong.  The cross section of  careers is incredible from architect to veterinarian and almost everything in between.

Almost 100 – the Pottstown club celebrates its 100 anniversary in 2018 and our president has set a goal of having 100 members by that time.  Don’t miss out on the fun, camaraderie and sense of service above self. Attend a meeting, held every Wednesday at 6:30PM at Brookside Country Club or contact any Rotarian to see what you have been missing. Your only regret will be not having done it sooner.

By: Mike Sloane, GM

Brookside Country Club