Is Your Accountant Meeting Your Needs?

As a business owner, you want to make sure your accountant is providing you with the best service and is helping you make the best decisions about your money. Unfortunately there may come a point where you start to question if it is time to find a new accountant. If you have reached that point, don’t rush into firing them, but take time to think, “What are they doing that doesn’t meet my needs and is it something I should talk to them about?”

A few reasons they might not be meeting your needs are:

• If they are not responding to you in a timely fashion. If some of your needs are emergencies and they are not taking care of them in an appropriate timeframe, which is an issue and may require you to look immediately for a new accountant.

• If they make promises they can’t fulfill.

• If they have stopped acting in a professional manner. It’s great to have a relationship with your accountant, but there has to be a line between work and personal.

• If they don’t explain your financial statements. It is important that they help you understand all of your finances. If they are keeping you in the dark, speak up!

• If, at tax time, they don’t help you maximize deductions. You want your accountant to help you do the best for your company, and if they are not helping you maximize your deductions, you are missing out.

• If your situation with your accountant falls into any of these categories, it may be time to sit down and talk with them and express your concerns. If they seem genuine about wanting to fix them, stick it out with them for a few months and see if it gets better. But if it doesn’t work out or if you already know you are ready to fire them, then it is time to find a new accountant! Stay tuned for my next blog where I will share with you how to properly fire your accountant.

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