Dreams and Goals

Dreams are different from goals. Both are essential in running a successful business.

Dreams are what you want your business to become. It’s the big picture. The big Kahoona. It’s your vision of what your business will look like when it is finished. Have you ever asked yourself that question before . . . ”what will my business look like when it is finished?” Very interesting question. Many times business owners first start out with a vision for their business but soon get caught up in the day to day activities and lose sight of their dreams.  There are three important elements of creating and achieving your dreams:

• They must be YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.

• They must be important to you. It should be the big WHY in your life.

• You must keep the dream alive no matter what. Don’t let others tell you, you can’t make it.  And many times you run into obstacles. Don’t lose sight of your dreams.

So what are your dreams? We should all have them. If you don’t have a dream how will you ever make it come true? Follow these steps to help you define your dreams:

• What are one or two of the most important dreams for you?

• How committed are you to making your dreams come true?

• Are you passionate about these dreams?

• What obstacles are preventing you from achieving these dreams?

• Can these obstacles be overcome? 

Now the power of goals. Once you set your vision what goals should you set in order to make your dreams come true? What are goals? Here is one definition; Goals are the desired outcomes that you want to realize within a set period of time. Consider goals as the steps you need to take in order to achieve your dreams. Without goals your dreams remain just that… dreams.  Goals define what you are aiming for. They give you direction and purpose. Without goals your business will never reach it’s full potential. In setting your goals ask yourself the following questions:

• Why am I doing this?

• Is this important to me?

• Is this good for me, my business and my family?

• Can I achieve more?

Of course when setting goals you should use the SMART philosophy. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. And your goals need to be written down. And once you finish this process share your goals with your family, staff and business associates or anyone who can help you achieve your goals. I find it amazing that many business people fail to share their goals with the people around them and then wonder why those people don’t behave in the best interest of the business. 

Now you need to act on your dreams and goals. No sitting on your hands. You must get off your butt and do something. No more procrastinating. This is not always easy. Sometimes we have fears. Things that we need to do that are outside of our comfort zone. You need to get past your fears and do those things anyway. This is difficult but necessary. The courage to take those first steps and take some action always separates dreamers from achievers.

Stay focused on your dreams and goals.  Remember this . . . the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing! 

Dreams do come true … but first you have to have one. So start dreaming as dreams are essential to your success.