The Four Mental Laws

I was listening to a CD produced by Brian Tracey regarding changing yourself in order to change your results. These results could be business results or results in your personal life.  He talked about the importance of 4 mental laws and how they shape who we are and what we achieve in business and in our life. I’d like to share these laws with you and see if you can understand why you are getting the things in your life you are getting. Whether those are good things or bad things. These laws have been around for quite some time and seem to apply at all times, with all situations and to all people. Here they are;

The first law is the Law of Beliefs. This law says whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality. You do not believe what you see but you see what you already believe.  Everyone acts consistent with their beliefs therefore, you create the actual facts of your existence. If you want to change your results you must, of course, change your behavior. In order to change your behavior you must first change your fundamental beliefs. What are your beliefs and how are they impacting your behavior and consequently your results? Do you have any self limiting beliefs that are holding you back? You need to be honest with yourself here.

The second law is the Law of Expectation. This law says that whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. This law not only impacts your behavior but also those around you. If you expect things to turn out well you will be generally optimistic, positive and happy. As a result things will most often turn out for the better. Just as you expected.   Here again ask yourself what are your expectations?  Do you have any negative expectations for yourself or the people around you? How can you change those expectations in order to improve the situation?

The third law is the Law of Attraction. You may have heard about this one. This says you are a living magnet. What you do is attract people and situations in your life that are consistent with your dominant thoughts. You are attracting these people and situations in your life because of the person you are. Take a look around you. Your business, your friends, your clients, your family. You have attracted them all to you because of who you are. If you want different people or things around you then you can change the person you are by changing your thoughts. However, you can’t just give yourself lip service. You must truly believe in your thoughts and be committed to them. 

The last law is the Law of Correspondence. This law says your outer world becomes a mirror image on your inner world. Every aspect of your life reflects back to you an aspect of yourself.  What you like in other people you like in yourself. What you don’t like you also don’t like in yourself. Everything you have in life, your business, your family, your health, your relationships, merely reflects the person you truly are. If you want to know who or what a person is really all about just look at what’s going on around them. 

Now, I don’t want to depress any of you out there. Some of you may be saying “holy crap, my business is in the toilet, my employees suck, I’m getting a divorce, I don’t have a good relationship with my children, I don’t even like the guys in my weekend foursome, and this guy is telling me it’s all my fault!”  Well, in a way I am. But there is hope.

As you can see these laws are all closely related. The lesson I got out of listening to this CD is that if you want to change your results you need to look in the mirror and change yourself.  That means changing your beliefs, your expectations, your thoughts and who the kind of person you really are. How can you apply this lesson to your business and your life? How can you go to work on YOURSELF first in order to make changes in the things around you? This is powerful stuff. However, it requires you to be truly honest with yourself. Ask the tough questions. Write down the answers. Ask others for some outside input. If you do all of this, I think you’ll be well on your way to getting the results you truly deserve.