Goals and Resolutions — How To Get Them Done!

It’s an annual ritual . . . setting resolutions and looking at the goals we want to achieve in the New Year. How did it go last year? Did the goals and resolutions you made start to fade after just a few months? Did you start out gang busters only to look back at the end of the year not even getting close to the goals you set for yourself and your business? If so, either you did not commit fully or face it; you don't have the resolve to make the changes on your own.

Somehow, when it comes to taking action on our newfound resolutions we seem to lose the fervor we had when we made them. Again and again we mentally resolve to get started the next morning or the next week; but you know how it is. Here is a process you can follow that should help.

First of all when setting goals you need to follow the SMART rule. S is for Specific. It would not be very specific if you said, “I want to make more money.” You need to identify how much more money you want to make. M stands for Measurable. If you can’t measure it how would you ever know you achieved it? A stands for Achievable. You certainly want to stretch yourself but what’s the use in setting goals you know you can’t achieve. R stands for Relevant.  Are your goals in line with the bigger picture of your business and life? The T stands for Time bound. In other words set the dates for when your goals will be achieved.  And of course all these things need to be written down and shared with those that can help you achieve them. 

Now that you’ve written your goals down the next step requires that you have a realistic and practical plan of action. The plan of action will incorporate a number of specific actions that need to be completed; each by a certain time. So doing each and all of these specific actions is all that is required to get to your goal. The trick is figuring out how to make sure that each of those specific actions takes place as planned.

The New Year motivates us to get started, but we really need to develop a habit of successful behavior. Motivation is what gets us started, but it is habit that keeps us going.

One way to do this is to fit these actions associated with a goal into your schedule i.e. make a specific time during your week to get them done. Put all of the activities you need to engage in and things you need to do on paper and work them into a weekly activity plan. That way you will have allocated a time for everything that you need to do. Then make sure you work through your schedule meticulously and thoroughly.

By reducing a huge goal into lots of small steps you can easily take something that can be quite overwhelming and digest it. When we set out to take on too much we either don't start or can't keep it up. It is truly amazing that by doing a series of small activities, each of which is easy, can produce amazing results.

"Ah" you say, "all of this seems like common sense." True. The fact is most people simply don't do it. If you want to ensure that you follow your schedule so as to complete all the things on it, make yourself accountable to someone. Have them consistently monitor your progress and commitment. You will find that when there is someone “looking over your shoulder,” you will get things done. 

Provided you stick to the plan, it will be difficult for you not to achieve your goals!

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to commit to getting the things done that you know are important but somehow never get done. Ask yourself  "if not now, when?" Make it happen!