Seal the Deal

You have generated the leads and set up appointments with qualified prospects. You have read all the sales training books and are ready to close some sales. You go on your appointments and follow the process you’ve learned. You build rapport, you ask the questions, you expose their pain, you offer the solution, you deal with the objections and you ask for the order. After all of that you still get “I want to think about it.” Or “I’m not sure this will work.”  Or “I have to review this with my (boss, spouse, colleague etc).  In the end you have difficulty sealing the deal. Although all these sales techniques are excellent tools to use, there is always a certain level of risk the buyer assumes while making a buying decision. The decision maker hesitates because they have a fear of making a bad decision. So what more can you do? Here are some other ideas you can implement, other than the standard sales techniques, which will allow the decision maker to feel more comfortable and allow you a better chance of sealing the deal.

Written Guarantee – What do your prospects fear when buying your product or service? Offer a guarantee it won’t happen. Many business owners are hesitant to put this in writing fearing too many people will take advantage of them. I ask my clients, “What would you do if a customer is not satisfied?” I usually get “I’ll remedy the problem by . . . (you fill in the blank). Well, why not put that in writing? It will ease the prospects fear.

Customer Testimonials — If you can demonstrate that other people have bought from you and were satisfied, this will lower the decision maker’s risk. This will establish credibility and provide a sense of value.

Benefits List — List out the top four or five benefits the customer will experience when buying from you. The list should clearly communicate to them why working with you will give them exactly what the need.

Your Company’s Vision Statement — Write out why you are in business, what you are trying to achieve, your ethics statement, what kind of clients you are looking for and how you plan to deal with them. How many of your competitors do this? Think this will set you apart? You bet!

Make it easy to pay — Offer them multiple ways to pay. Check, cash, credit cards. Payment plans that will suite their budget. Whatever works for them. This really helps if there is a price objection.

Try Before You Buy — If you can afford to do this it works great. It gets the customer comfortable with your product or service and once the try it there is little risk of them saying no for more.

Create Scarcity — Be sure you are genuine in creating scarcity. But if people realize they will be missing out or the offer is only good for a short period of time they are more likely to make a decision in your favor.

It’s all about making your prospects more comfortable to take that leap and sign on the dotted line. These strategies, in combination, will help you lower the risks your prospects fear. And in the end your “seal the deal” ratio will improve.