As American as Mom and Apple Pie

Recent efforts to change how we feel about sexual identity have caused a stir throughout the hinterland. In a recent article, I explained that I had no problems calling people by their preferred pronoun.

But now, the term motherhood is under attack. You are no longer a mother but a birthing parent. I fail to see how that would mix with the freedom of pronouns, as it does not appear that all people could give birth. But I do not know, as people are having a problem defining what a woman is.

I think it would be easier to define what a man is, as a man possesses an anatomical membership card. The membership card defines a physical attribute that would, in my humble opinion, make it difficult at best to deliver a child. However, if a man would be willing to give up his membership, I am sure that surgical procedures could enable him to have a natural childbirth, so there could be some validity to the term birthing parent.

I am also not sure what percentage of the population would fit this description. It seems a little odd to me that this is an issue with someone like National Education Association, aka the teacher’s union, would engage. Not to be confused with the School Board Association called on parents to sit down and shut up or be labeled a domestic terrorists.

Motherhood has a different meaning in the United States. The well-known saying associated mom and apple pie as being All-American terms. Could this be another attempt to attack the symbols of America? There have been considerable attempts, some with success, to remove statues of our founding fathers. Now motherhood will undergo the same repositioning.

This change makes me wonder if the apple pie ban is on the horizon. A quick google search revealed an active attempt to attack apple pie. Author and scholar Rajeev Patel stated that

"In the drama of nationalist culture, the bloody and international origins of the apple pie are subject to a collective amnesia."  As a fellow London School of Economics alum, I took the time to read his reasoning out of courtesy to the school. 

It was hard to read the attacks on Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) and references to the slave trade in sugar. But apple pie truly is a subversive food. Therefore, we must ban apple pie! I never liked apple pie, but I wouldn't say I like apple, peach, or cherry pie. 

I do remember pies being a problem during the year I graduated from high school in 1967 when H. Rapp Brown said, "I say violence is necessary. Violence is a part of America's culture. It is as American as cherry pie. Americans taught black people to be violent. We will use that violence to rid ourselves of oppression if necessary. Then, we will be free, by any means necessary."  So, pies have been an issue for a while now.

There is a further complication as my wife Karen calls me "sweetie-pie," but over recent years, she has shortened it to just plain old "pie." Anyone who knows me personally or as an "agent of change" knows that I have the inclination to upset people with what I say. So, I believe I could be the next to come under attack because I am an American. I salute the flag, sing the anthem, and wear red and blue next to my white skin on July 4th to express my patriotism.

Politically speaking, I used to be on the extreme left in the '60s, and 70’s when I was a Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Progressive Labor Party (a Maoist offshoot of SDS). Now it appears, without changing too much, I could be a White Nationalist.

Being a Nationalist is not a bad thing. It means you love your country, and you are not a globalist. So, what happens with a global elite? They are pushing for the "Chinese Model," a world government and unified leadership, suppression of speech, denigrating religion, the narrative as press coverage, making it hard to assemble, and endorsing rioting to petition the government. I oppose all those efforts as I like America and I am for the national identity as well as MOM & APPLE PIE.

Please think of how altruistic America is; we are in the middle of another Jimmy Carter-style gas crisis, and America is exporting oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve to China. The Strategic Oil Reserve was set up to be used in case of issues in domestic availability. Because we are Americans and our founding fathers were altruistic in their reasoning, logically, the government feels that it is our role to help our neighbors and call for sacrifice by our people. What a great gesture. It shows how great of a nation we are.

It appears that coming after motherhood, apple pie is a tactic of a world highly dependent on internet communication. But wait a minute… who is communicating attacks against my dearly departed mom? A foreign government? A lot of upset people? Or could this narrative be “bias bots with an attitude” like I saw advertised in Palo Alto? A store window in Palo Alto advertised for “Bias Bots” with an attitude. Conversational computing devices that can embrace particular communities' points of view.

I will go on a limb here and say that not many US citizens view Motherhood, Apple Pie, and America as bad and that much of this is a controlled multimedia campaign to create uncertainty. Don't change your lexicon. Say what you want, and again…as all the mothers would say… “trust the science."

Barry Cassidy is a freelance grant and economic development consultant. He can be reached at