Ten Ways to Save in 2014

#2. Choose Your Office, or Small or Outdoor Venues

When it comes to saving money on an event venue, the old Wizard of Oz saying is true, there is no place like home.  Your office or home turf is a wonderful place to sell and/or entertain clients, and with some help, it can be transformed in ways you may not initially imagine.

However, if an office or home turf transformation is not your vision, then other low cost public building options include volunteer fire company banquet halls, local community centers, libraries, churches, schools and community colleges. The venue availability and rental rates vary by entity.

Additionally, there are private building options, such as VFW, Elks. Knights of Columbus or other civic groups who may offer their private property and event space for rental.

Let us not forget the great outdoors as an event venue. Perhaps it is the backyard of a private residence, a public flower garden or park that excites you.

In my  previous article - #1 Be Creative -You learned to pay close attention to the amenities offered by the chosen venue. Some may offer banquet catering, tables and chairs, while others may only offer a blank space.

Regardless, your office or small or outdoor venue may be transformed via the services of event planners, decorators and party rental service providers. Choose either of these venues and you'll certainly take a large bite out of your event budget.

If end-to-end event savings are what's needed, then contact an available event planner. I like The Party ReduX in Pottstown. Tell them that Jeff sent you:-)