“The Devil is in the Details” — Ask Your Local Politician!

Yes, political season just rolled by us again, for our mid-term election process. All voters have much information to understand and digest from candidates, from PACS, from TV ads, and of course, our home and business telephone rings constantly due to the incredible idea that we humans like computers speaking to us about elections and politicians! It seems part of our culture, therefore, it may seem to be OK?

So really, “Is this the one tactic that will decide the election? A lot of other “noise” comes over the air waves, lots of lawn signs, and of course handouts and flyers everywhere we shop. The presumption is, polling and statisticians prove this to be a successful election strategy, which is why it continues to happen year after year. I suppose the mantra is “Everyone else does this so I should too!”

Some believe our political system is perfect; everything about our process is the result of our enduring democracy and our established democratic process.  Clearly, the other side of that discussion is apparent. Most likely many people are in between the two extremes, I would guess too. Similar to hiring someone for your firm, “How do you decide and actually “hire” a candidate running for public office”…. Or applying for your job?

The election answer is a guess, but I know the answer for an effective hiring program. Credible background screening and tasks associated to a comprehensive report, brings to the table lots of confirmed, validated, and proven information. Under FCRA doctrine, every task conducted will meet or should exceed the minimal requirements for a compliant background screening assignment. 

For sure, experienced Human Resource managers know the “Devil is in the Details” on every job, for every candidate, and for every task, which is the point of this discussion.

Real work in the field, real FACTS obtained from authentic public records, and authentic file information obtained from the source agency, are the essential reasons our type of work effort is best. Databases and publicly exposed information is a great source, but it is rarely the whole story, unless you “dig a little deeper” on every candidate and application for every job. That’s what our professional background screening service offers to each of our clients nationwide. 

Confirming and validating the applicant information, for educational credentials, prior work experiences, driving history, or criminal records research, is detailed for every task we conduct. Lack of planning and execution will certainly leave your workplace at risk and increase the liabilities associated to a bad hire. Being hired should not be associated to “buying an election,” something we hear about at this time of the year, regardless of its validity. 

For over 25-Years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has proven to be a trustworthy and credible partner to answer your initial hiring questions and provide you the vital screening tasks necessary to help you mitigate your hiring risks and workplace liabilities. The burden of statutory and regulatory HR compliance is understood with each hiring or volunteer placement. The data we convey, as your background screening partner, are the “Simple Truths” confirmed and proven for each Applicant package. We deliver real FACTS that matter to every hiring decision. An opportunity to test our professional services is always welcome, so please contact us today.