“It’s Elementary Watson” — A Strong Foundation!

Right now is the time to go back to the basics. The beginning of each “New Year” brings the challenge to successful businesses, and to its people, the need to evaluate the past year and make changes to execution, process, or “other” components of success that fit your enterprise. Management and your business structure demands change sometimes, but not always! Let’s examine any weak links in your hiring program, which is the real starting point to that business success every owner or manager wants to achieve, each year, but starting January 1. 

Now is the time to identify and make changes and/or improve upon the existing hiring program.

With pre-employment screening, the basic background checks are elementary. The idea of conducting legitimate research to verify one’s Identity is basic, right? The idea management should know about a pattern or propensity toward criminal activity, or should have knowledge about established criminal convictions, on a particular applicant, may also be considered basic, right? Or, knowing in advance of hiring someone that the applicant has a currently valid license and/or unblemished driving history record, could also be considered basic too, right?

Generally, YES, these basic background checks must be completed diligently, on a consistent basis for every applicant, and they must be compliant under FCRA rules or other relevant hiring guidelines at the federal, state, or local levels of government.  These are the professional services “The Accu-Facts Company” offers our Clients and their managers on every application.

For example, our value proposition isn’t only our economical pricing, but more importantly, our ability to get hiring tasks completed almost daily and with onsite, authentic file documentation. We meet FCRA compliance by proving out the FACTS, on every applicant assignment.

At this time of the year, we urge that you get back to the basics, by limiting your hiring risks, and mitigate as many risks of vicarious liability necessary to build a strong workforce, without conditions or qualifying statements to the personnel file. The “Foundation” of your business success, and most importantly your workforce, will sustain itself once again this New Year. Applying these basic background screening tasks will make your success “Elementary!”

For over 25-Years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has proven to be a trustworthy and credible partner to answer your initial hiring questions and provide you the vital background screening data and checks necessary to help you mitigate your hiring risks and workplace liabilities. The burdens of your firm’s statutory and regulatory HR compliance are understood with each hiring or volunteer placement. The data we convey, as your background screening partner, are the “Simple Truths” confirmed and proven for each Applicant package, so we meet compliance on every job.  We deliver real FACTS that matter to every hiring decision. An opportunity to test our professional services is always welcome, so please contact us today and register for our Free Offer.