“Resolve to Do the Right Things” – Credibility Every Hire!

So, 2014 surveys show that 21 percent of employed people (or 1 in 5) anticipate changing their jobs this year. These results are outlined in a “CareerBuilder” survey mentioned with a Talent Management news article. If these people have success in changing jobs, then the Human Resource personnel, at many organizations, will execute their faithful plan and policy to conduct background screening and limit their due diligence risks, in the hiring process.

The inclination to possibly limit the background screening process should not be overlooked, just because a particular person has been employed previously for a long period of time, or the person comes to you with the “valued recommendations” of trusted advisors, friends, relatives and others. The article is posted at: http://talentmgt.com/articles/view/survey-one-in-five-workers-plan-to-change-jobs-in-2014/

Last month I spoke about the need to conduct all the “elementary tasks,” to be consistent and persistent with one’s hiring policies, and to seek out relevant, validated facts of one’s experience, conduct, education, and other factors, that highlight the job position being sought by your firm. With so many people intending to move this year, an all time high, it is important to safeguard your current employees, and your aggregate workplace, with qualified and trustworthy candidates, while not missing or altering your normal and legally required hiring process.

We offer our background checks, along with all of our professional services, to small, medium, and large businesses of every type and nature. Our credibility is established with the conduct of our work, always seeking the authentic information from the original source or from the source agency. Publicly available data is the same for everyone, but it meets compliance when you confirm the original source file onsite.   That’s what we do on every job and every task!

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For over 25-Years, “The Accu-Facts Company” has proven to be a trustworthy and credible partner to answer your initial hiring questions and provide you the vital background screening data and nationwide checks necessary to help mitigate your hiring risks and workplace liabilities. The burdens of your firm’s statutory and regulatory HR compliance are understood with each hire, volunteer placement, or with your Third Party Vendors. The data we convey, as your background screening partner, are the “Simple Truths,” information that is proven for each Applicant package, so we meet FCRA compliance on every job. We deliver real FACTS that matter to every hiring decision. An opportunity to test our professional services is always welcome, so please contact us today and register for our Free Screening offer.

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