Getting to YES — You’re Hired!

Previously, I suggested the hiring process takes initial time to conduct, meaning one to five days, or so, to conduct the normal and customary Background Screening tasks on Applicants. This means four to seven tasks, in most hiring circumstances. The idea is to begin the hiring process by confirming worker eligibility, applicant identity, and for us to meet other aspects of the hiring policy for your firm. One needs to apply a specific set of legal hiring practices, avoid missing tasks that should have been elementary with the screening process, and one needs to be consistent across all aspects of your business enterprise, and throughout the different classes of employees.

Managers and Human Resource personnel usually have interview techniques that will yield the best candidates, gathering all the relevant information about experience, educational credentials, job-related certifications, completing the minimal background checks using Accu-Facts personnel, and doing all these things before a possible offer is submitted legally.

The final action to say, “YES – You’re Hired,” then becomes clear with each candidate that meets all the steps of the hiring process, meets the experience requirements, meets educational guidelines, and gauging that the person meets the culture of your workplace, based on interviews and submissions by the candidate. Good recordkeeping at this stage is important, so there should be no deviation from the plan in place, at your firm. The ADMIN segment of hiring a person must meet the FCRA compliance and related regulatory concerns, right at this point.

Accu-Facts personnel will help you get to this hiring decision with credible and timely information to meet these basic requirements of the initial hiring process. At the time of that hiring decision, nothing should be left open, while clarity should be precise for every task completed, as it relates to your hiring policy and the on boarding process.  Otherwise, all the candidate qualifications have been confirmed and validated, by Accu-Facts personnel for each applicant, at this early stage.

While public and non-public applicant information needs to be gathered and analyzed against the applicant submissions, to meet FCRA guidelines, it is now incumbent on your staff to make the right choice, or choices to hire, based on the “other” factors of the job opening. Again, we at Accu-Facts understand your desire for speed and accuracy, on every assignment, so we meet that test every day.