Hiring Wisdom and Proper Action

Our work is all about doing the right thing for our clients. Clients may mistakenly miss important background screening steps, unless we reinforce reasons that make sense and are credible for them to not deviate from their plan. Making every hiring decision on a set of unconditional background screening tasks also makes your program relevant to avoid the bad hiring circumstances noted below.

Take the basic step for verifying one’s educational credentials, for example. Not too long ago you may have heard about or read about these public headlines: “Yahoo’s Chief Executive Scott Thompson embellished his Computer Science Degree.” In fact, he had an Accounting degree only and was later asked to leave Yahoo voluntarily.  Or, the Bausch & Lomb former Chief Executive Officer, Ronald L. Zarella, who admitted to falsifying his Resumé about a “Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree,” but he never graduated and he did not earn that degree from New York University. With his inflated circumstance, Zarella is said to have “attended school,” but he never finished nor got the MBA degree! In the screening business for over 28 years, I can recount many other similar examples of deceit and fraud, in a variety of businesses, educational and/or medical settings.  It’s the reason we deal only with the FACTS…. On every assignment …!

Think about it, if this can happen at these large publicly traded firms, with Boards of Directors, and layer upon layer of regulation, “Can this circumstance happen at your firm”…?  Hopefully not and it can be avoided easily with a proactive management team and with a minimally tasked background screening policy in place. Doing the right things is affordable and we can show your firm how.

In the end, “Wisdom” gained from these public examples of “Missed” confirmations can be avoided at your firm today. A diligent background screening process, one that is consistent across all your classes of employee jobs, with all of your Vendors entering your workplaces, or a plan to deal with hiring Interns and Volunteers, it comes down to the action you take and the seriousness you place on mitigating hiring risks, with each screening task, to avoid bad publicity or unwanted liabilities, on every application.  Hiring a new employee or when promoting someone already employed, under false pretenses, leads to similar poor judgment and missed opportunities, like the figures mentioned herein. A simple check on a simple task could have avoided these hiring mistakes, which is obvious now.