Awaken the Voice Within. . . Your Sixth Sense

You may have heard of ESP, intuition or even someone’s psychic abilities to provide answers to the unknown, or even make predictions about what is happening in the past, present or future. Do you ever wonder if that sixth sense is valid? And if so, who has it, where does it come from, how is it used and why is it important?

In my opinion, developing your intuition is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When I became a Certified and Credentialed Professional Coach almost 4 years ago, I was on a strong spiritual path of healing and excited about my new coaching career adventure. As part of my preparation, I learned that getting quiet on a daily basis through meditation and journaling was key to listening actively. But more importantly, since then, I have learned over time to seek wisdom in silence; more fully trust myself; improve my faith; lead a clearer and more peaceful life as opposed to being in chaos; be proactive rather than be reactive to people and situations; and believe in my abilities as a coach, all of which are supported by my intuitive resourcefulness.

Yes, I believe everyone has the ability to tap into their own deepest knowing and listen to that small voice inside. This powerful intuition is an inner knowing, recognizing a sign or observation that brings forth a truth before it is revealed to the outside world. It is a gut feeling supported by faith, a place of peace, a sense of harmony and an all-knowing trust that all will be well.

Many people believe their initial five senses tell them everything they need to know. However, having a keen perception of what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell externally is not enough to fully discern the conflicting messages that are often present. Sometimes there are random coincidences, such as when you think of someone and they call, or when a book falls off a shelf and you think it is sign to purchase it. Be judicious by going inside, stay on purpose and learn to find the answers within, and decide what is true and right for you.

So how do you access your intuitiveness? It starts with learning to get quiet, meditate and journal. It is also important to be intentional and make time for reflection by scheduling white spaces on your calendar. Give yourself time to think, daydream, ponder, read and write— all without speaking or being spoken to. Become conscious and aware. Design your perfect surroundings. Find a place of your own where you feel safe, peaceful, authentic and grounded. Deliberately design that place to be still. Perhaps it is a special room, a comfortable chair or even a spot outside where you can take a blanket or your yoga mat. Also, be open to the fact that the Universe speaks through others, both the likely and the unlikely. Observe your successful hits and learn from the times you ignore the internal warnings. Practice awareness and trust that time will build a strong inner compass.

Six Benefits from Developing into Your Sixth Sense:

Learning how to be still, developing a consistent meditative practice, committing to a quiet time and listening to your intuition can improve the body, mind and soul. By accessing your insights, you can create more consciousness, creativity and aliveness in your life. Here are six areas that can benefit as a result:

1. A strong personal sense of self and the ability to be more confident, self-assured and grounded.  This is where self-trust develops so that when you hear that small voice, you can follow it with conviction and ease. Self-betrayal will cease to exist, and healthier relationships will emerge.

2. A sense of responsibility by helping to determine what is right and wrong. Stopping long enough to ask yourself your truth can strengthen your own moral code and allow you to be more responsive to others. In other words, if you pause, you will do the right thing for yourself and others.

3. Compassion and empathy for others. This is about having acceptance and being of service to others by teaching, bringing comfort, healing and caring for the members of your community so both you and others can benefit. This breaks down the ego and allows one to walk in another’s shoes. By seeing the good in others and yourself, a more loving connection can occur.

4. A sense of justice. Being aware of balance, fairness and seeing other’s perspectives while maintaining your own integrity can equalize any injustices.

5. Inspiration and creativity. The ability to express passion, connection, love and any other messages through your artistic talents can surface when your sixth sense is present. I know when I am writing, some of my best ideas emerge when I have solitude by napping, being still and getting as quiet as possible.

6. A healthier body. By reducing internal chaos and quieting the gremlins in your head, you can reduce the stress that contributes to “dis-ease” and physical ailments. Listen to your gut, as the body always knows when something is not right before our conscious mind is tuned in. A healthier you allows clearer thinking, harmonious living, beauty and a more peaceful existence.

Align your heart, mind, body and soul by listening to what is revealed about the poetry of your life. American actor Alan Alda said, “You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”