Create Your Personal Brand

In business, agencies are hired to give new meaning and fresh perspectives to their client’s brands through various media outlets. In life, people hire coaches to help them do the same thing, discover who they are and then choose how they want to show up in the world. In both cases, we are engaged to offer our experience, creative solutions, objective viewpoints, expansive ideas, accountability and forward movement.

And in Coaching, it can lead to a fresh start of a new self-identity along with acquiring new tools to integrate the new self into every aspect of life, from the inner way of being and outward personal style to new goals and inspired actions to get there.

Do you have a personal brand and unique style you can claim as yours? Do you reflect who you truly are in the world, both personally and professionally? Are you comfortable in your own skin and therefore able to create the impact you want in the world? If not, it might be time to think about re-branding yourself from the inside out.

Finish True. (Define Your Authentic Self)

To begin, it is essential to start with knowing thyself. The way a person carries themselves, the tone of their voice and the look in their eyes are great indicators of how fulfilled a person truly is. So, knowing where that sparkle comes from and how to access it can be key in being genuine with themselves and the world.

To help you claim your values, consider the following questions:

•  Who do you most admire and what qualities are inspiring to you?

•  What activities have heart and soul meaning for you?

•  What is the ONE thing you always think of that makes you smile?

•  List your gifts and talents. Think about how these show up in the many areas of your life and how you want to share them with others.

•  What concerns you in the world, and are there causes you would like to be a part of?

•  Do you live from the inside out, or outside in?

Find Your Unique Purpose

After gaining a better understanding of your attributes, defined as your values and strengths, you can begin to design the visual expression of those attributes and the desired impact you want to create. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Next, it is important to clarify your message:

• Why do you do what you do? Why this, as opposed to something else?

• Who needs you?

• How are you being of service?

• Do you have a specialty or niche? How will you differentiate yourself?

• What will people get by working with you?

• Would you want to work with you?

Your “brand” will emerge when you are being true to yourself and expressing that to others.

Start Now. Reinforce your brand by:

•  Knowing your strengths and values.

•  Being fierce for your work and your purpose.

•  Creating proactive, not reactive, strategies.

•  Having a consistent message.

•  Selling your results, not the method.

•  Walking the talk personally and professionally.

•  Creating boundaries.

•  Dealing with challenges gracefully.

• Seizing every opportunity to share who you are and what you do... someone is waiting for you to show up.

•  Honoring your self-care.

•  Engaging a support system.

Consider the many ways you can make your mark in four primary areas: functionally in what you do, emotionally in how you feel, socially in how you connect to others and transformationally in how you change others.

How do you want to express yourself? For instance, in what you say, your writing style, your hobbies and activities, your relationships, your home, your clothing, and how will you differentiate yourself from others who offer perhaps the same qualities?

To complete the process, look forward 20 years... someone is giving a speech about you. Having put your stamp on the world, how do you want to be described? What would you like them to say about you? Be yourself, live honorably and then deliver that into the world so you can be most effective ... hence, your own personal brand is created.