Consider a VoIP Solution for Your Company’s Phone System

Regardless of the ubiquity of texting, e-mailing, or instant messaging in business communications, there will never be a substitute for telephony. Short of speaking to someone in person, it’s perhaps the best method of communication in business; telephony isn’t asynchronous and there’s instant feedback. Ignoring the youthful lust for asynchronous messaging — and with it, the wholesale excision of small talk and courtesy — there will always be a need for a reliable method of connecting people in real-time. With inexpensive broadband readily available and complex telephony features duplicated effortlessly in software, there’s no better time than now to consider a VoIP solution for your company’s phone system.

VoIP or Voice over IP differs from traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) in that it allows organizations to deploy phone networks without the need for special wiring or infrastructure considerations. VoIP can be integrated directly into an existing Ethernet network with relative ease, as the system communicates over the same broadband Internet connection as your company’s computers. Furthermore, a VoIP solution has a low cost for implementation, integration with traditional systems and features, scalability, easy updates, and is more reliable. With public switched telephone networks, a telephony infrastructure has a single point of failure, where in most modern IP networks, a comprehensive broadband solution can keep your VoIP system running during disaster recovery. After all, it doesn’t reflect well on your organization when customers can’t call you!

Though there are concerns with VoIP Quality of Service — or QoS — the technology has been improving steadily over the past six years with the implementation of advanced codecs for transmitting voice data, and can be ameliorated easily with either a dedicated broadband Internet connection or VLAN to segment traffic. But allaying call quality concerns is an inexpensive fix and improvements to VoIP technologies are happening all the time. Besides, the savings with VoIP services like Schultz Technology ClearVoice can easily reduce phone costs by up to 30 percent! That’s to say nothing of the myriad features VoIP systems provide, like auto-attendants, call parking/forwarding/transfers, call recording, caller ID, conference calling, direct inward dialing, and unified messaging!

Our customers will always need a way to reach us, and our colleagues will always want an effective means of communication. Asynchronous methods aside, the phone will always be the best way of contacting each other, and a ClearVoice VoIP solution from Schultz Technology can keep everyone in touch!