The Importance of Effective Backup Infrastructure

Arguably one of the most important facets to any successful IT Department is the implementation of an effective backup infrastructure. Though backups may seem like a purely technological concern to any organization, the hard and unforgiving truth is that a lack of disaster recovery preparedness has far-reaching consequences, and should be considered in any risk assessment. A recent survey by EMC revealed that 64 percent of interviewed business suffered data loss with significant downtime, and 71 percent of those same organizations lacked faith in their abilities to protect and restore data. Consider again how much time can be invested in a single spreadsheet, only to have it lost in an unexpected turn of events. It’s happened to everyone, yet these considerations are rarely made for the redundancy of such mundane tasks.

Coupled with the backups, disaster recovery, and redundancy, is the confidence employees have in Information Technology. If nearly three fourths of organizations don’t trust their own infrastructure, what does that say of the employees who use these very systems? The immense volume of data collectively poured into shared network drives and e-mail servers over months, weeks, days — or even hours — could disappear and it wouldn’t phase anyone with statistics like that. However, perception is reality; organizations with little confidence in their infrastructure couldn’t possibly blame employees for not trusting them. Such distrust can lead to reliance on cloud-based file storage and a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mentality that could compromise your network’s security or open data redundancy to myriad new problems. Essentially, a gap between infrastructure capabilities and employee expectations can dissuade employees from using the very infrastructure in which your organization invested, and this is to say nothing of disaster recovery!

A Business Continuity backup system from Schultz Technology can not only provide the redundancy needed for successful disaster recovery, but it can restore this confidence gap in your organization’s technology. With ongoing monitoring and secure backups occurring every 15 minutes, rapid restoration of files and servers can occur within moments. No longer are evenings of retyping lost work considered a hazard, and under no circumstances do you need to worry if a fire or flood damages your e-mail server; Schultz Technology has you covered and can keep your organization running!