Creating a Content Calendar That Works for You

Everyone will give you an opinion on the “right” way to post social media content. Truthfully, you must figure out a system that works for you and be consistent. How do you get from being overwhelmed, to a monthly content plan? Here are a few tips.

What are the various social media platforms you are currently posting on, and how often are you posting? Is that working for you? Make a note of what you think you need to change. If you are not posting consistently, what is a realistic goal?

Look at what is going on in your business over the next few months. Are you launching a new product? Are you preparing for a price increase? You can put together a plan now that will prepare your customers for those things. If you are going to increase prices, think of some ways that you can educate customers on the value of your product.

What else can you use for content? You could post Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Feature Friday, etc. Creating valuable content that customers might share helps spread word about your business.

Grab a calendar or create a spreadsheet and try to plan out at least a month’s worth of content. Make note of days that you will share live videos or current pictures.

Now it’s time to execute your plan. You can schedule posts out for the future on some platforms. There are scheduling programs that will schedule multiple platforms at the same time. Also, you can hire a freelancer to schedule your social media for you.

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