Do You Have a Social Media Plan for the Holidays?

Do you have a social media plan for the holidays? Now is the time to plan and schedule it. Pull out a calendar and decide what dates are important to your holiday sales strategy. Some dates that you may want to include are Black Friday- 11/23, Small Business Saturday-11/24, and Cyber Monday- 11/26. What other information might you want your customers to know? Do you have special hours and holiday shipping deadlines?

Now that you have all this information create some graphics that you can use throughout the season. Remember, that you want it to be as easy as possible for people to find your information. Here are some graphics that you might need.

• Holiday Hours- Post once a week,

• Sale Days- Make a graphic for the actual day and maybe a teaser graphic to post before.

• Special Order and Shipping reminders- Post once a week.

• Holiday Graphic- One for each holiday.

Decide what educational and fun information you want to share with your audience. Use this to create posts to fill in the blank days on your social calendar. Next, schedule as many posts as you can in advance. Take your calendar back out and pick a date once a week to go live and let you customers know what’s going on at your business. Do you have new products? Do you have some new employees?

With a little planning, your holiday social media won’t be so time consuming. This will allow you to focus on your sales and customer service. Remember to also post something in the spur of moment for fun!          

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