Facebook Stories: A Fun Way to Feature Your Business

I know that you are thinking, “Not another social media task to add to my to do list!”

What are Facebook Stories? They are user-generated pictures and videos that are shared with your followers for only 24 hours. Why should you use them? Stories are a fun way to interact with your followers. If your followers are a little younger, you are giving them content in a way that they consume it. Facebook introduced Stories to compete with Snapchat.

How do you use Facebook Stories? You need to use the mobile app to create a story. When you are on your page scroll down to the section before posts. It will say Your Page’s Story with a camera icon and Create Story. Click on that. If you have not given Facebook permission to use your camera you will be asked to do so at this time. 

Now create your Story! You can choose a photo from your camera roll, you can take a picture, or you can make a video. Once you have chosen something to share, you can add words, effects, stickers, or draw on your video or picture. Get creative. This a great way to feature behind the scenes aspects of your business. You can add to your story throughout the day.

The great part about Stories is that they do not follow the “algorithm” like posts. Stories appear at the top of your follower’s feeds in a circle. The follower clicks on it to see the story. This is a great way to get in front of your audience on a regular basis.

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