Should I be using hashtags? That’s a question I hear a lot. The answer depends on the platform that you are using. Hashtags are used to index keywords for search results. They are more prevalent on some social media platforms than others.

Hashtags can help you build your brand, keep in touch with customers, and help with marketing. They aren’t very important right now on Facebook. On LinkedIn you will be given a suggestion at the bottom of your post for relevant hashtags. For Twitter and Instagram they are great for increasing brand awareness and keeping in touch with what your customer likes.   

When you use a hashtag, you want to think about how your customer would go about searching for something. So, if you sell outdoor play equipment, you might want to use #swingset and #outdoorplay. Another tip is to go to #outdoorplay and see what other hashtags someone used with #outdoorplay, they might work for you too. Also, if you are a local business, use a hashtag related to your ideal customer (playground buyer) like #montcomoms.

Find a hashtag to use for your business like #mintzersolutions so that all your posts come up together. Let your customers know your hashtag so that they can use it when they take pictures of your product.

Hashtags are used commonly on Instagram right now. You want to use between 15 and 30. You also want to mix up your hashtags so that you are not using the same ones all the time. You can “hide” them in the comments if you want. Don’t forget to add a few to your stories too. 

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