The Importance of Your Logo

When creating a logo specifically for your business, it is very important that you brand your logo to be able to stand alone and reflect the mission and vision of your business. If you haven’t worked on the mission and vision of your company, that needs to be worked on first. Once you have the mission and vision, it’s a matter of visualizing what your logo should represent because a logo speaks for you when there aren’t any words to tell them about your business.

With that said, let’s get started.

What are the things you need to consider? Does your logo need to be a certain color? A logo for a finance type business, we think of green. Maybe your business’ product has a color like coffee cafes. What do you typically think the color would be for that business? If you said brown, you are very right. What if your product has many colors? Maybe using black as the neutral color is the way to go. What is it about colors? Some colors are powerful like red and blue. These two colors are opposites on the color palette. The interesting thing about red is that it can go from being a strong color, but then dilute it with white and you have a soft feminine color and it becomes a pink. The same thing can happen to blue. It can be a navy blue and then become baby blue when adding white.

When thinking of colors on your logo you need to keep in mind the end result. Having a multitude of colors will become a very expensive project when embroidered. Too many colors can also be distracting to the mission of the logo, which is to visually speak for you.

Keep it simple…

Look at the logos of some of the most successful businesses: Apple Computers, a simple black Apple; Amazon, with its A and an arrow in the shape of a smile; and Walmart is a simple yellow sunburst. Sometimes using initials of your business name can become the logo. This is especially true about businesses where the product is a service. One of my favorite success trainers, is Darren Hardy. His logo is nothing more than a circle with a D, the Vertical | is doubled with a line in the center to create a very suggestive H. On black it is used as a reverse and on white a black. No color is used at all.

So, what have we learned so far?

  1. Your logo needs to reflect the mission and vision of your company.
  2. Your logo needs to stand alone and speak for your business.
  3. Your type of business and product may dictate to you what color to use for the logo.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Learn from the most successful businesses by studying their logos.
  6. Logos for product-based businesses may have a totally different logo style from those that are service businesses.

There is much more to tell you about creating a logo, I haven’t even discussed style and fonts. To be appreciative of the space 422 Business Advisor provides, let’s move over to our website to learn more about branding with your logo. We’ll discuss:

• The use of fonts.

• What type of file types you will need for a variety of projects.

• Testing your logo before making a final decision.

• Protecting your logo and what you need to know about those online websites that create “$20 logos.” Who else is using your design?
So join me for the continuation of this article at
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