Lead Generation Hacks on Instagram

Have you thought about Instagram for lead generation? If you haven’t, I have some hacks to generate leads from your existing followers. As you grow your business account you can use these strategies going forward.       

Your profile should have the following:

• A picture that reflects your brand.

• Your bio should be concise and clear about what you offer people. 

• A link in the bio — your website or a link to a newsletter signup.

• Contact options. You can use up to three, including an action button. I use my action button to send people to my scheduler so that they can book appointments.

You can’t link to a website from Instagram captions, but you can use a call to action like “To receive information on upcoming events click the link in bio.” Then you can have that link going to a newsletter signup. You can use the same call to action in your stories. Just add the text “Link in bio” if you have something relevant that you are talking about.

IGTV still isn’t as popular as Instagram but it’s something to consider. If you make a post on IGTV and share it on Instagram, it will boost you in the Instagram algorithm. You can also use a link in the description on the IGTV video.

One last thing to consider is that even if you don’t want to put a lot of effort in building an Instagram following, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t looking at your account. Use the above advice so that people know who you are and how to reach you. 

Theresa Mintzer can be reached at 484.686.2995; email: bytheresamarie@outlook.com; website: ByTheresaMarie.com.