Leveraging IGTV for Your Business

What is IGTV? IGTV is an app associated with Instagram that allows you to create a channel for posting and sharing long form videos. Think of it as YouTube for Instagram. There are several different ways to promote your business on IGTV. This is helpful if your ideal customer is primarily on Instagram. 

IGTV can be used to recycle previously published video content, like material that you have already used on other platforms. Videos should be vertical as they are geared toward mobile devices. If your content is horizontal, you will need to convert it.

You can also create tutorial videos to highlight products or services that you provide. Customers that understand the benefits and features of your product or service are more likely to purchase. You can create videos to walk them through a process like registration or measuring for fit. This provides a great customer service without having to explain the same process over and over.

Another way to utilize IGTV would be creating a regular show, or IGTV exclusive content. This will keep your customers coming back to the platform. This behind-the-scenes content helps build the like, know, and trust factor with your customers. Or try a Q&A session. Ask customers for their questions, answer questions that come up regularly in client calls, or clarify some common misconceptions about your service or product. Then record the answers to those questions. The more that you customer understands your product or service the more they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Remember that social media should be a way for you to connect and engage with your customer. Relax and enjoy the process.

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