Want to Increase Facebook Reach?

Facebook gives you a lot of tools to analyze your audience, and they can be used to help craft your social media strategy. Understanding your audience and their viewing habits can help increase your reach. Here are three Insights to watch.

Reach: Post reach will allow you to see how many people are seeing your posts. Here are some questions to ask. Why did you have more reach on a particular day? Is it because you went live? Is it because you had a funny share? Another important thing to look at in this section is Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes. If you have any of these you can go back to the day and post and figure out what is tuning off your audience.

Posts: At the top you will see when your fans are online. This will give you a picture of when your fans are active online on a day to day basis. Are you posting during those peak times? If not, you might want to adjust your schedule. Scan your published posts and click on the posts that stand out as having more reach, likes, shares, etc. These post “speak” to your audience. How can you replicate them?

People: Here you can see fans, followers, reach and engagement. Are you reaching your target audience? Are they engaging with your posts?

Use these insights to help adjust your strategy. Once you have made adjustments, give it a week or two and see if your reach and engagement has increased. At a minimum, track your insights monthly to get a picture of your progress.

Theresa Mintzer can be reached at 484.686.2995; email: bytheresamarie@outlook.com; website: ByTheresaMarie.com.