What happened to Google+ for Business?

The other day I was with a client who is very social savvy. He's one of my students from a social media course from RACC and credits his continued knowledge from our frequent conversations. These are his nuggets of knowledge. That's what he calls them. I found it interesting that he was so observant to see that Google had changed their platform from Google+ to Get Your Business Online. Yes, they made a very good change.

So, what does this mean?

Well, for my client who created a Google+ personal page for his business it means he doesn't need to continue with the personal page unless he wants to. Now, if he wants to continue to send posts and blogs to his "friends" through Google+, he can continue to do so. In fact, I get two or three blogs and posts each day from Google Analytics. The Google+ page is only a social media presence anymore. Look at it like it's LinkedIn or Facebook for your business.

Get Your Business Online is NOW your business presence to be found on online. It's your map. 

So, what does that mean and what do I need to do?

Claim it!!!!

If you haven't done it already, claim it. How to claim it is easy. Do a search of your business name on Google. If you have a Get Your Business Online presence your Google listing will appear on the right-hand side in a large box with your business name, photos, and information. If your GYBO page is there and you haven't claimed it, it will ask you to claim the page, follow the prompts and claim your page. If you see nothing, go to gybo.com/business and create your page. What if you are listed and verified but have no clue who did it? It may mean your business was hacked and you will need to verify that you are the owner. Google will reach out to the person already on the file and ask them to verify that they are the rightful owners. If they don't hear from them within a certain period of time, the process for you to reclaim your page will begin.

Now what?

Now, It's time to get to work and complete EVERYTHING — yes, everything. If you are a home-based business and don't want your business address to show, no worries, you can hide that. 

Important! Make sure to add photos.

You're far from finished. Google likes fresh content on the internet and GYBO is no different. You now will post online every week with them. Your posts will last seven days. Create everygreen content that can be easily recycled when you don't have anything special happening with your business.

What else?

Reviews. Yes, get reviews. When you finish a project or have a special event for your customers send a link for them to leave a review. Google loves reviews. Afraid of reviews? Don't worry, it's ok if you have a not so good review now and then. Whatever you do don't ignore it but instead respond to it by taking the positive side to it. Your reaction will be what people will read as well.

There's more to do with your GYBO listing but those are the highlights to getting started. Make it a goal to include GYBO in your marketing strategy for 2018.

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