Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is similar to a brokerage account, but instead of investing for your future, you are investing in ministry by giving to the causes closest to your heart.  You make a tax-deductible donation to your Fund and then recommend grants from that Fund over time.

The Process:

• Open a donor advised fund administered by a public charity. Many mutual fund groups and foundations have established these funds.

• Make a contribution to the Fund.  You can generally take an immediate tax deduction for your gift and you can contribute as often as you like.

• Select an investment portfolio that will allow your Fund the potential to grow tax-free.

• Recommend grants to charities from your Fund. You can take months – even years – to decide which causes to support.  The Fund custodian will send the grant checks to the charity for you.

The Benefits:

• You can let your gifts grow while you decide where they should go

• Give with true anonymity

• Deduct gifts this year, recommend grant distributions next year

• Make one gift and recommend grants to several organizations

• Avoid having to track countless gift receipts