Content Creation Tips

There is no right way to post social media content. Truthfully, you must figure out a system that works for you and be consistent. The best way to stop being overwhelmed is to have a plan. Here are a few tips that might help.

  • Choose a platform. Instagram is great if your audience is younger or visuals are important. LinkedIn is best for more professional posts. Facebook is good for updates and sharing information. You can be on more than one but if you are overwhelmed you might want to cut back.
  • Craft a message. Don’t post to post. Make a list of a few topics that speak about your business and how you can solve your customers’ pain points. Also, keep in mind anything special that is coming up. Do you have new products or specials?
  • Pick a tone. That is going to depend on your audience. Always keep it professional, not everything is appropriate from a business page.
  • Grab a calendar or create a spreadsheet. Try to plan out at least a month’s worth of content. Make note of videos, pictures, or graphics you need. Some other suggestions are Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Feature Friday, etc. Creating valuable content that customers might share helps spread word about your business. Always keep your audience and message in mind when creating posts. Try to make as your posts evergreen, posts that can be shared again and again.
  • Execute your plan. You can schedule posts out for the future on some platforms. There are scheduling programs that will schedule multiple platforms at the same time. Also, you can hire a freelancer to schedule your social media for you.

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