Grow Your Audience with Instagram Reels

Are you looking to grow your Instagram account? Creating Reels on Instagram is an excellent way to work with the current algorithm to grow your account. Why? Reels is a new feature that Instagram is trying to grow, so they are rewarding Reels with increased reach.

Reels are short multi-clip videos. They are up to 30 seconds in length and include text, filters, and audio. Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok. You can upload videos from your photo gallery as well. Unlike Stories, the content is permanent. You can also share Reels to your Instagram feed. I would recommend it because it counts as an extra boost to your reach. You might have already noticed that feeds are not looking as pretty because people are catching on to the increased reach.

Creating Reels is a great way to show your audience fun, creative content. Some content ideas might include a behind the scenes look at your business, a list of your top products, or an introduction to your business. Be creative and have fun. Do a quick search to see what other businesses are doing for inspiration. Always remember to keep your audience in mind when you are creating content. You want to attract people that are interested in your services or products. You can have a million follows, but if none of them is a potential customer, then what is the point?

As with any new feature, Reels won’t always be an advantage for reach, so you never want to ignore Stories, IGTV, or your feed. The basics are always the same — create consistent content aimed at your ideal customer. So have fun and make a Reel today.

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