Holiday Success Starts with a Plan

I know that most of you aren’t ready to think about the holidays. Guess what? Now is the perfect time to start making a plan. We have no idea what this holiday season will look like, but it is a safe bet that people will be making many online purchases.

Here are the things you should be doing now to set up for your success later.

1. Confirm that all your information is up to date and consistent across social media.

2. Try to build brand awareness through your social media. Use different social media sites like Instagram, Reels Stories, and ads. 

3. Take advantage of back-to-school and Fall to grow your audience.

4. Post regularly. If you can, start posting videos. You can retarget your viewers with ads at the holidays. If a video is doing well consider boosting it. You can retarget that audience later.

5. If you have a Facebook Pixel on your website confirm that it is working. If you don’t have one, now is the time to install one. You want to be able to target website visitors with ads later.

6. Did you have a mobile holiday shopping process last year? What worked? What didn’t? Is the experience user friendly?

Now is the time to advertise your business. Ads will become more expensive as we get closer to the holidays.

If you need extra help, I offer Social Media and Facebook Ad Coaching to help businesses create a plan that works. Head on over to my website at for more information and to schedule an appointment.