Important Elements to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one place that customers can find you. It important to make a good impression so your information needs to be accurate.

  • Branding- Your branding should be consistent across all social platforms. When someone looks at your page they should see your colors and logo.
  • Information- Make sure all your information is complete and accurate. Make sure your hours and contact information are current.
  • Content- Posting regularly will help you stay in peoples’ feeds. Take some time to plan your content over the next month or more. You can schedule your content directly on Facebook, through Facebook Creator Studio, or you can find a scheduler. Create content that is engaging, educational, and informative. You want to educate the consumer on the importance of your services. Posting fun information can better engage the readers!
  • Images and Video- You want to have images that make them stop to take a second look when they are scrolling through their feed. Try to post videos as well. This helps with the all-important algorithm.
  • Engagement- Are you engaging with you customers? If someone comments on a post, tags you, or shares a post you should acknowledge it. Engagement is important for the Facebook algorithm to help your reach. Also, if someone takes the time and effort to make a comment, you should acknowledge them.
  • Messenger- Remember to respond to messages quickly. You can also set up a greeting and automated responses.

When done right, Facebook is a great way interact with your customer.  One thing the last year has taught us is that customers need to find your business on the internet.

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