Making the Most Out of Your Bio

Social Media Bios help potential customers find you. They can also be the first impression a customer will have about your brand. It’s important to make a good impression.

Two factors to keep in mind are the platform and your audience. If you are writing your bio for LinkedIn, it will be more formal and professional than if you are writing it for Facebook or Instagram. For all platforms, think about keywords that your ideal customer will be searching for when you write the bio. Someone should read your bio and have a clear understanding of what you will do for them.

Make sure that your branding is consistent, such as your picture, logo, colors, and tone. If you have an employee or someone else managing your social media, you should have a style guide with all of that information available to them. That way your business is recognizable across platforms.

You also want to have some sort of call to action. It could be “Join my email list,” or “Check out my blog.” Then give them a link for them to go to. You can change this depending on the season or your current offers. For Instagram, I have a link to a web page with all of my social media information. I place my current offer on the top. Right now, it is a link to my free Facebook group, 15-Minute-A-Day Social Media.

Every month or two, quickly look over your bios to make sure that all the information is current and the links work. This could be a task to delegate to an employee.  Good luck with you new and improved bio.

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