Utilizing Social Media to Communicate with Customers

During these trying times, social media is an excellent way to communicate with customers. As businesses re-open, they are going to need to assure the public that their establishments are safe. Now is the time to put together a plan.  

Reach out through social media and ask your customers. The State might have a basic recommendations but if you want people walking through your doors, they need to feel comfortable. Put together a survey and share the link on your social profiles. Remember, you might not be able to do everything suggested, but it will give you valuable insight into what customers are thinking.

This is the time to think about streamlining your business. Can you take orders and payment online so people can come in just for pickup? Even if you are a small business, there are ways to streamline your process. This is an opportunity to pivot and be flexible.

Once you have an opening date, start posting about your opening, including hours and any changes. This is the time to educate the public about any new policies and procedures. You can let people know how you are cleaning, how often the business will be cleaned, and what products are being used. If you have a service coming in, have them take a video while they are cleaning. They can post this on their social media as well.

Make a big deal about opening back up. Now is the time to make sure you are hitting the points that people brought up in your survey. After you open, continue to post and keep all of your information up to date.  For a free guide see MintzerSoutions.com.

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