Video Content for Social Media

Video is becoming an essential part of social media content. It's favored by all the algorithms and people will stop their scroll to watch it. That’s why businesses should try to use video when they can. The great thing about video is that you can do it right from your phone.

Here are some helpful ideas for using video as social media content.

• Highlighting important features.

• Instructions about how to use your product.

• Introducing employees to customers. This is great if you have a service-related business.

• Reviewing or featuring complimentary place. For example, a dog walker could review local parks. If you geotag the review you will come up on local searches.

One way to use video to your advantage is incentivizing customers to join a Facebook group. You could film inventory unboxing and then release it as an exclusive to your group before the general public. This would be great for stores. When you have a Facebook group, people see your content more than they see the content on your page.

Video content can help with customer service. If you walk a customer through a procedure that can confuse them, you’ll have less phone calls for help. You also can manage the expectations of the customer. This can quickly clear up any miscommunication.

In conclusion, video is becoming more and more important on social media. The more that you use video as part of your content plan, the more visible you will become. Plus, it's a better way for customers to learn about you and your business so they will know, like, and trust you.

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