A Video Strategy for Social Media

It’s 2020 and the importance of video content is not going away. It's favored by all the algorithms and people will stop their scroll to watch it. Now is the time to make a plan to regularly incorporate video into your social media strategy. It’s pretty easy and you can do it right from your phone.

Make a video introducing customers to your business or services. Upload it on Facebook as a post. Then pin it to the top of your feed so that it is the first thing someone sees if they land on your page. When you upload it, have Facebook create captions but edit them to make sure they are correct. A lot of people scroll through without listening to the sound and it helps with accessibility.

There are apps that will allow you to edit, change the size, and add titles to your videos. You can use ImgPlay to change the size of the video so that you can use it for Instagram. You can use InShOt to add stickers, music, and text. There are apps that make videos from your pictures. There’s so much you can do. Have fun and play around.

You can also go live on your Facebook page. Choose a day every week and people will know to look for it. All of these videos can be transcribed using Rev.com or Temi.com. and made into newsletters or blog posts.

The more that you use video as part of your content plan, the more visible you will become. Plus, it's a better way for customers to learn about you and your business so they will know, like, and trust you.

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