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Rick Megni, President of CMIT Solutions of Northern Chester County, shares technology tips for business professionals.


Seven Data Loss Tips to Get You on the Road to Recovery

As of June 1st, hurricane season is officially upon us. For those that live far from the East Coast, remember that you’re not out of harm’s way, either — multiple tornados have affected the Midwest so far this spring, while wildfires in California and mudslides in Colorado have also claimed homes, lives, and the blood, sweat, and tears of our treasured first responders.

What is 3D Printing — And How Can It Benefit your Business?

What comes to mind when you think of a 3D printer? A far-fetched, futuristic fantasy from “The Jetsons”? The scariest new technology around? Perhaps the most useful? 3D printers have been utilized to create everything from prosthetic limbs to computer parts to dolls to bicycles to… well, pretty much anything that can be dreamed up and designed using software and plastic.

Significant Industry Impacts from the Death of Windows XP

With the end of support for Windows XP looming in less than 40 days, the wider world is waking up to threats posed by the outdated operating system’s demise. Advocates in the financial and health care industries in particular have started sounding the alarm about XP’s April 8th expiration date — and for good measure.

Five Technology Lessons Learned from This Season’s Winter Weather

This winter’s brutal winter weather should serve as a reminder for business owners: even the best-laid plans can be wrecked by natural and manmade disasters. Across the South and Mid-Atlantic, thousands of car accidents, at least a dozen fatalities, and untold numbers of stranded drivers and students were blindsided by the snow and ice that descended on the region.

Am I Being Tracked?

Am I being tracked?


Everything you do on the Internet is being watched, by multiple companies. Everything you access from your phone is being watched by Google and Apple. Law enforcement can ask, and with a warrant, get the information collected on you. And if you are like over 87 percent of male and 29 percent of female internet users, you may be embarrassed at what they uncover.

Why are they tracking me?

Making Windows 10 Easier to Use

Starting another year, and Microsoft Window turned 35 as of November of 2020, and five years for the Windows 10 version. That’s lot of years to be staring at the screen, and wow, is my eyesight failing!

Yes, it’s age, but staring at a computer screen for decades can’t be helping.

Luckily on my Windows 10 computers there are few settings that can make a huge difference.  Here’s a few simple changes that I’ve been showing my clients, and I hope they help you.

Are Social Media Companies Censoring Free Speech?

If you’ve watched the news recently, you might have heard of Twitter blocking Trump’s tweets, Facebook banning Stop the Steal or Google banning political ads. Are mega-billion-dollar companies censoring free speech? Especially, ones with a conservative narrative? It sure seems that way. But there’s always a back story.

Section 230

Simplify My Digital Life

Have you gotten you digital life in order yet? With so many options, free or paid, it should be easy!

That’s what I thought. There are all these Lego pieces.  I should be able to put something useful together. But unlike Legos that connect really easily, these various apps and cloud services are more like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle dumped all over the table. 

Your slow technology could be costing you customers: digital customer service and your response speed

Technology has changed everyone’s habits- including the habits of your clients and customers! We expect to get what we want almost the exact moment that we want it, especially Millennials and Gen Z who have grown up with technology at their fingertips. People use multiple devices to browse, read reviews, compare prices, and ask for recommendations before moving on to actually purchasing a product or service. That leaves your company with a lot of opportunities to impress future customers — or give off the wrong impression entirely.

Fraudulent Mobile Apps: What You Should Know and How to Avoid Them

How many times has it happened to you: you download an app for your phone that looks like a fun game or a useful service, but your battery starts draining faster, you hit your data limit sooner, or the app itself causes things to run at a snail’s pace or (worst of all) it asks to access parts of your phone you don’t want for it to access?

Congratulations — you may have been one of the over 390 million people who downloaded a malicious app in the past year.

Five Tips and Tricks to Supercharge your Everyday Use of Microsoft Windows

The Microsoft Windows landscape is scheduled to change again in mid to late 2015, when Windows 10 will be released. That may excite some early adopters who love to have the latest and greatest operating system on their computer. And many industry experts are thrilled that Windows 10, which is currently in its public beta testing period, was designed with business customers in mind — and is forecasted to be much more responsive to user needs.

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