Why I Joined Rotary

When we first opened our business in Pottstown, we really didn’t know anyone, and we certainly were not familiar with the area.  We reached out to Pottstown Rotary Club for guidance, knowing that the group would be a great source of seasoned professionals.  What a wonderful surprise to discover that Rotary is so much more! 

How exciting to belong to an organization that reaches out to be a part of so many wonderful causes, locally as well as nationally and internationally.

I have been fortunate enough to view videos of the millions of innocent children whose lives have been altered in extraordinary ways by brilliant and selfless doctors who have given of their time and their talent to perform cleft palette surgeries — Not to mention that the Rotary Foundation provides millions of dollars for scholarships and humanitarian projects worldwide.

Locally we all have the opportunity to roll up our sleeves to get involved and see what a difference we can all make in our own backyard with projects such as beautifying the landscapes, or raising funds via “The Duck Race” or “Big Ticket” for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

As we work together, side by side, for a common cause, many bonds of lifelong friendships are formed. I am so proud to be a member of the Pottstown Rotary, and so appreciative, to not only be a part of such a vital organization, but also for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful fellow Rotarians.

As I get to know them, as individuals, I find that they are living examples of the Rotary motto “Service above Self.”

By Doris Wertman

Visiting Angles