Are You Top of Mind? ...where you need to be?

In continuation of last month’s article, let’s take Marketing 101 another step further. Last month’s article was about the two types of marketing, awareness and call to action. That seems simple enough. What’s not simple is the next step of marketing. There are hundreds of ways to market your business. Yes, hundreds. Over the past years, I have identified over 700 ways to market your business. To have a tool to help our clients create their marketing strategies, we have created a website called That will be another article to tell you about our tool. Back to Top Of Mind.

Marketing is an investment in time and money. It’s important to know who your target market is so you invest wisely. Let’s use two examples to drive home the point of being Top Of Mind.

A landscaping company who specializes in hardscapes and decking. Their focus for marketing are consumers, with homes, and disposable income. They also need to determine how far they will travel. First thing to do is, drill down and find specific developments to promote what they offer. If I were to advise this client, I would encourage them to do a direct mail piece to a fairly established development that has homes valued over $200,000, and the age of the homes are between 5 to 10 years old.

The direct mail piece would be done at least four times with different specials, and deadlines for each special. Along with the direct mail piece, I’d run a Facebook boost in the very same area, with the very same promotions. I’m not finished, I’d also go into special sections of local papers. Yes, print is far from dead. It has become specialized and caters to its reader’s interests. Lastly, I’d advise the client to invest in a promotional item like a trowel or a plant, and walk the community handing out the items with, you guessed it, the current promotion. Keep in mind that it takes more than seven touches before being noticed. Also, once the landscaping company gets a job in that community, it’s time to promote through yard signs on that property. The likelihood of doing other projects in that very same development is highly likely as neighbors see the activity. Oh, did I mention your truck and your equipment? They need to be in pristine condition with signage. People will judge your work by what they see. If your vehicle has dents and dings or is dirty, it will be a reflection on how you do business. Ok, I could continue but I’ll stop with these suggestions.

Then there are those businesses who do business with businesses, B-to-B for short. Let’s look at an accountant focused on business clients. First and foremost, what will be his perfect client? Small business? Mid-Size? Corporations? Independent Contractors? Will he want to be a part time CFO? Will he want to do payroll? What’s their area of coverage - 5, 10, 20 miles?

Bet you are all wondering what I’ll recommend. Let’s begin with Route 422 Business Advisor. Bill has created a special section focused on tax time. That’s a perfect place to advertise. Now, you are saying to yourself, why would an accountant want to advertise where other accountants are? My question to you is, when traveling on a busy road and you see a McDonalds, what’s the likelihood of Burger King, Wendy’s or any other fast food business? It’s about choice! You never want to place advertising into a publication that doesn’t have any of your competition. If you are determined to advertise in the publication, then place two different types of ads: one could be a normal display ad; the other would be an Advertorial or Infomercial.

Next, Alignable. Yes, my new favorite online business social networking website. Get involved and ask questions. And, rounding up my last idea, join a Chamber and get involved. Be visible. The strategies for a B-to-B business requires more investment in time than money because of the fact that your next potential client needs to meet you and get to know you. It’s about keeping yourself Top Of Mind.

Oh, there is much more I can say about both of these. Remember I have over 700 marketing ideas in my 12x12 Marketing Matrix toolbox.

The point is to know the specifics of your target market, stay focused, keep yourself top of mind, and invest your time and money wisely based on your target market.

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