Create and Automate your Email Funnels

Recently, I watched a video on YouTube on a subject of interest to me and after watching the video, decided to click on the “infamous link” below the video. Part of the reason for clicking on it was to experience the engagement funnel with this individual, as well as see how long she would send emails to me about it. Well, it is two weeks later, and I am still getting emails from her daily. They have taken different directions along the way. Yes, when she no longer could get me to react to the offer, she sent me an email that had three different ideas in it, and I knew by clicking on one of the links it would direct me down another funnel with a series of emails from her. The longer I go down the funnels with her, the higher the investment to take advantage of her training and opportunities, and the subject changes. It’s actually been fun doing this exercise.

What does an engagement funnel look like? I’m sure you have been a part of one and just didn’t know it. For fun, let’s create an example. You’re a very successful business owner who created a seven-figure business with products on Amazon. You want to share your successes with others and make a bit of money from the experiences you have had. You create a five-minute or less video that is impactful and has a title that draws people to it, like “Seven Figure Business with Amazon.” You create a checklist for people to get started with Amazon for your download. People find your video on YouTube and click on the link. When they do, they go to a landing page on your website where it validates what you said on your YouTube video and then some. It has a button to download the checklist. When they click on the download, it goes to a page where they leave their first name and email. Once they click on the submit button, they go to another page telling them to check their email inbox and to take advantage of a mini-class you are going to be doing that will cost them a small investment.

The automated emails then begin every day. If they don’t react to the mini-class, you begin to engage them on additional opportunities with you.

So what does your engagement funnel need to look like to be successful? Learn more about creating and automating your engagement funnel at We’re looking forward to sharing more details with you. The team of Interlace Communications, Inc. help businesses to market their businesses with online and print marketing tools. Our experience and knowledge with email marketing programs like Constant Contact, Robly, and MailChimp make it affordable for our clients to get their message to their clients in an effective and efficient manner. Should you need assistance to create your engagement funnels, feel free to give us a call at 484.709.6564, email us at or visit to learn more about email marketing. Creating email engagement funnels is one of the best ways to make the most out of your email marketing system. Find out how to have fun creating your email engagement funnel.