The Power of Words…

They are the magic that can make the difference for your site to be found on the tenth page of a Google search or the first page. Blogs are the most powerful tool to building a site found on Google.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to sit in on a two-day training session with Marcus Sheridan, author of “They Ask You Answer.” Marcus’ story about how he took his failing pool company to riches with just one change in how he marketed his business has changed my way of helping our clients to do the same. He started to answer the questions people asked. Let me repeat that, he started to answer the questions people asked. So, what were the questions he answered? The first one was “How much does it cost for an above ground pool?” Now you are probably thinking to yourself, why would I answer a question like that about my business? First of all, by asking the same question that is being asked on Google, your website is matching, word-for-word, a person’s search.  By using the same keywords your website will be found. As for the blog itself, that’s where you need to be creative.

So how do you go about discovering what questions to write about? Ask Google. Let’s continue with the theme of the pool service company. When you do a search on Google many times you will see suggested searches. These suggested searches are provided by Google because others have done these searches.

Now what do you do? For the sake of respecting space, let’s take the rest of the discussion online to There we will discuss some of the rules you need to know when creating a blog.

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