The Rotary Family

As a Rotary member of any local club, we often are introduced to leaders of the community. In many cases, the introduction is a result of a business or social event. In other cases we meet just by chance. The Rotary sign is placed on many business establishments to promote the high ethical standards of their business.

One such business is a motel in Caryle, Pennsylvania, which has the Rotary sign posted on their window. While traveling up route 81 from West Virginia with my wife and daughter on our way home from college, my car stopped running. I was able to coast off the exit and into a gas station. It was a Sunday evening and the service station was closing and was unable to help. There was a motel just up the street where there was a Rotary sign on the window. I was telling the motel owner at the desk about my situation, and that I was a member of the Pottstown club. He pointed to a white Cadillac and said to take it to dinner, and he would call his friend who was the owner of a local dealership, even though the dealership was closed. After dinner I was informed that our car would be picked up and taken to the dealership. The next morning we had a knock on the door. The motel owner said that our car was ready. I asked him for the bill and was told there was no charge!

Of course I was happy to have such a caring person to help us, and be treated like I was family. That is what a Rotary a family means.

If you have ever considered joining a service club, you will be welcomed into a family of professionals in Rotary! We meet once each week at Brookside Country Club in Pottstown, on Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM.

By Jerry D. Myers, Past Club President, Pottstown 1983-84; Member since 1978.