Many Applications for “Chatbot” Automated Assistants

Hureka has built a new app for restaurant owners. Talking with Roopak, I hear the excitement in his voice when we discuss the new chatbot. From many conversations we’ve learned the average restaurant owner is having a tough go of it — miniscule margins, high rent, staff retention, spoilage and numerous challenges to keep the customer engaged and to encourage repeat customers. The new restaurant app can solve these issues. Consider it an automated service executive, with zero downtime which takes milliseconds to answer customer queries.

What’s more, it’s a perfect host. It greets customers, makes small talk, tells a joke to lighten any mood, delivers the menu, recites the daily specials and answers any questions regarding the food, its ingredients, nutritional value, calories, and any discounts — instantly! The app can monitor social media, immediately answering whoever is using Facebook messenger to engage the restaurant. It responds to people who visit the restaurant’s website and can entertain teens who interact with it while in the restaurant chuckling at its’ quirky responses. Customers can quickly make reservations, place an order and make payments on the spot. It suggests food combos, suggesting sides that increase margins and the order size. has articles on the endless possibilities chatbots can achieve through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Chatbots used for planning, customer support, as a research assistant, sales assistant, marketing automation, and recommendations, business owners have intelligence gathering aids at their disposal, which study customer behavior more closely, data you can use to personalize the experience winning trust and loyalty.

For small business owners, short-term results are essential. The cost associated with chatbot development is minimal as compared to other investments that deliver returns similar to that of a chatbot. As you deploy the chatbot for a few months and analyze the ROI, you’ll see how the chatbots pay for themselves, saving costs and bringing in new business.

It’s possible to start with a basic chatbot, working merely as a lead generation tool or a customer service tool, and then add on more features based on technologies like voice recognition, recommendation engines, predictive modeling & demand forecasting.

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