Human Resources — Pre-Employment Screening and Background Checks

Joseph J. Hirsch 3rd, President of The Accu-Facts Company, discusses the importance of proper and thorough screening and background checks in the hiring process.


Applicant Background Checks

In today’s business environment, identity theft, false claims from employees, workplace violence, workers compensation fraud, theft or theft of services, drug use or distribution, and other types of occupational fraud and abuse, are issues with greater workplace significance than ever before.

“Resolve to Do the Right Things” – Credibility Every Hire!

So, 2014 surveys show that 21 percent of employed people (or 1 in 5) anticipate changing their jobs this year. These results are outlined in a “CareerBuilder” survey mentioned with a Talent Management news article. If these people have success in changing jobs, then the Human Resource personnel, at many organizations, will execute their faithful plan and policy to conduct background screening and limit their due diligence risks, in the hiring process.

“It’s Elementary Watson” — A Strong Foundation!

Right now is the time to go back to the basics. The beginning of each “New Year” brings the challenge to successful businesses, and to its people, the need to evaluate the past year and make changes to execution, process, or “other” components of success that fit your enterprise. Management and your business structure demands change sometimes, but not always! Let’s examine any weak links in your hiring program, which is the real starting point to that business success every owner or manager wants to achieve, each year, but starting January 1. 

“The Devil is in the Details” — Ask Your Local Politician!

Yes, political season just rolled by us again, for our mid-term election process. All voters have much information to understand and digest from candidates, from PACS, from TV ads, and of course, our home and business telephone rings constantly due to the incredible idea that we humans like computers speaking to us about elections and politicians! It seems part of our culture, therefore, it may seem to be OK?

Regrettable FACTS – From Here to South Korea

(Summary from “Court Favors Yale in Suit Involving Fake Degree,” the New York Times, August 15, 2013)

As an employer, one of the first things you look at in an applicant’s resume and submitted paperwork is the school where he or she graduated. When you see a degree issued and conferred from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Columbia universities, for example, your interest in this candidate will most likely be piqued. Ivy League graduates demand and get your attention very quickly, in the hiring phase.

Getting to YES — You’re Hired!

Previously, I suggested the hiring process takes initial time to conduct, meaning one to five days, or so, to conduct the normal and customary Background Screening tasks on Applicants. This means four to seven tasks, in most hiring circumstances. The idea is to begin the hiring process by confirming worker eligibility, applicant identity, and for us to meet other aspects of the hiring policy for your firm.

Hiring Wisdom and Proper Action

Our work is all about doing the right thing for our clients. Clients may mistakenly miss important background screening steps, unless we reinforce reasons that make sense and are credible for them to not deviate from their plan. Making every hiring decision on a set of unconditional background screening tasks also makes your program relevant to avoid the bad hiring circumstances noted below.

“Answers” Need the “Right” Questions

What is analytical and intuitive about background screening? The answer is “everything!” What does this mean to you and your hiring program? Once again, it means “everything” to each successful hire, and to an overall effective hiring process.

The 60/40 Hiring Trap

Business owners have a lot of things to worry about for sure! Offering a quality product or service means revenue growth and business success, which is the goal of every firm. The key word is “quality,” as defined by your customers or your clients.

“Officially Mandated” vs. “Public Record” Checks

With background screening, a common inquiry is that, “I need a National Background Check,” so “How much will it Cost?” A similar phrased question is, “I need a nationwide criminal check, as quickly as possible, so can you do that for me?” Within Pennsylvania, you may have heard discussion about needing an Act 33 Child Abuse clearance or an Act 34 Criminal Record search, through the Pennsylvania State Police. Other questions have to do with requirements that may include fingerprinting too!

Facing Up to Every Business Challenge

Across America, business owners face huge challenges to grow their businesses, compete effectively with local, national or with international firms, improve and execute a reasonable “Return on Investment,” commit significant effort to contain relevant labor, commodity, and regulatory costs related to your products or services, along with technology advancements beyond our imagination, just a few years ago. 

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