Mastering Social Media

Facebook Stories: A Fun Way to Feature Your Business

I know that you are thinking, “Not another social media task to add to my to do list!”

What are Facebook Stories? They are user-generated pictures and videos that are shared with your followers for only 24 hours. Why should you use them? Stories are a fun way to interact with your followers. If your followers are a little younger, you are giving them content in a way that they consume it. Facebook introduced Stories to compete with Snapchat.

Creating a Content Calendar That Works for You

Everyone will give you an opinion on the “right” way to post social media content. Truthfully, you must figure out a system that works for you and be consistent. How do you get from being overwhelmed, to a monthly content plan? Here are a few tips.

What are the various social media platforms you are currently posting on, and how often are you posting? Is that working for you? Make a note of what you think you need to change. If you are not posting consistently, what is a realistic goal?

Want to Increase Facebook Reach?

Facebook gives you a lot of tools to analyze your audience, and they can be used to help craft your social media strategy. Understanding your audience and their viewing habits can help increase your reach. Here are three Insights to watch.

Has there been a change? You be the judge.

Since January when the announcement was made about Facebook’s change to their algorithm, we’ve been testing what we’ve done in the past, as well as some of our new adjustments. In some cases, with no engagement what so ever, we didn’t see any changes.

Those where we moved attention to GYBO posts and more engaging posts but less of them on Facebook, we noticed an uptick on organic reach on Google and about the same result on Facebook.

Going Live on Facebook

Have you ever gone live on Facebook? If you haven’t you are missing out on a great way to increase your reach and engage your audience. Here are a few tips to get started.


This month’s column is very different from most of my topical social media columns and I will apologies in advance for being a bit on the technical side at times.

The reason for discussion your website’s speed has a direct link to your social media marketing. It’s like this, all the effort you do online with your social media marketing is meaningless if your website visitors come to a site that loads slowly. It’s a known fact that visitors will wait for at the most 5 seconds when visiting a site before moving on to another when doing a random search.

Marketing 101 - There's only two types of marketing

Are you overwhelmed by all the ways in which to market your business?

Let me simplify all of it to help you make the right choices for marketing your business.

First, and foremost, there are only two types of marketing that happen in the whole of advertising: Call to Action and Awareness.

What happened to Google+ for Business?

The other day I was with a client who is very social savvy. He's one of my students from a social media course from RACC and credits his continued knowledge from our frequent conversations. These are his nuggets of knowledge. That's what he calls them. I found it interesting that he was so observant to see that Google had changed their platform from Google+ to Get Your Business Online. Yes, they made a very good change.

So, what does this mean?

Plan Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest issues I hear from business owners about being involved with social media and marketing as a whole is, “I don’t have time.” My answer is to take time to plan — which is three quarters of the work.

It’s all about planning.

This year, in an effort to help our clients focus on planning, we created a Marketing Calendar. It includes marketing ideas for a variety of focus areas: marketing with your clients or employees; marketing through social media, your website, through print and outdoor signage; and finally through networking.

Leveraging IGTV for Your Business

What is IGTV? IGTV is an app associated with Instagram that allows you to create a channel for posting and sharing long form videos. Think of it as YouTube for Instagram. There are several different ways to promote your business on IGTV. This is helpful if your ideal customer is primarily on Instagram. 

IGTV can be used to recycle previously published video content, like material that you have already used on other platforms. Videos should be vertical as they are geared toward mobile devices. If your content is horizontal, you will need to convert it.

How to Audit Your Social Media

You can’t make a plan for the future without an understanding of where you are right now. Before you put together your strategy for the New Year, let me give you some quick audit tips. Then, you will have a better understanding of where you need to focus your efforts.       

Some things that you need to look at across all accounts.

List your social media platforms:

Do You Have a Social Media Plan for the Holidays?

Do you have a social media plan for the holidays? Now is the time to plan and schedule it. Pull out a calendar and decide what dates are important to your holiday sales strategy. Some dates that you may want to include are Black Friday- 11/23, Small Business Saturday-11/24, and Cyber Monday- 11/26. What other information might you want your customers to know? Do you have special hours and holiday shipping deadlines?

Change your Passwords!!!!

You are probably wondering why I am saying “Change Your Password!” instead of, “You want me to change my passwords? Really?”

The reason for this month’s column is to encourage you to get into the habit of changing your passwords on all your accounts. Why? There are a multitude of reasons which run the gamut of malware, ransomware, spam, hackers, and the list goes on and on.

Can’t do social media because of compliance? Yes, YOU CAN.

We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with a financial advisor to do her marketing, be it social media marketing, email marketing or print marketing. To work with her, I had to go through security screening and fingerprinting for compliance. Needless to say, we take the responsibility of working with her seriously. Every article, advertisement and online change to the website goes through a process of approval. We actually have an employee who has been trained to make certain there are no issues with any sort of implications of guarantees.

Useful Tools to Help You with Your Social Media

There are so many useful tools that can help you create, organize, and schedule your social media. Here are a few that might be able to save you time and help you with the creative side of creating social content.

Canva is a great program to help you create graphics for your social media. It has free templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can upload your own pictures and logo to brand your graphics. The paid version has more capabilities including setting uploading special fonts, collaboration tools, and setting up your brand colors.

How to connect through social media? Identify – Ask – Connect

It’s said, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Your involvement in social media easily allows you to open the channels to reach out and connect to those individuals who may become an impact on the success of your business. With that said, how do you go about the strategy of connecting with these individuals?


Leveraging Instagram for Your Business

With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is a social media platform every business should consider. It is a great way for a customer to visualize the lifestyle that they would have with your product or service. Here are some easy ways to get started.

Branding is something that you need to keep consistent across social media. In the bio, you should use the same profile picture that you have for Facebook or Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, use the same handle as well and link to your website so that people can find you.

Perplexed and Perturbed by Changes with Facebook

Recent changes with Facebook Marketing have left us a bit unsure whether Facebook is planning to say goodbye to marketing for businesses. Recently, I was working with a client’s Facebook Boost which requires us to fine tune the market based on net worth and interest in investing in land. What they are eliminating is all those demographics that would fine tune the audience and only allowing us to choose just interests in hobbies and sports.

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